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Bryan IS White Hour 1 October 8, 2022

Erica Sauer, listener and supporter of The Breakdown and MoJo 5-0, joins us on the show today. "Why", you ask? "Why not?" is our retort! She's a recovering Catholic, Boston native in a Midwest panacea, fighting to keep her sense of humor in an apoplectic world. She was a speech/language Pathologist, CCC - 27 years. Honestly, she lowered her standards to be on the show with Aaron and Bryan.


Erica gives us a bit of her background, from college and grad school in Boston, teaching surfing in Florida, and ending up in the Midwest. Then, we have a lot of fun talking about road rage and the dangers and upsetting the wrong people.

Why was Erica banned from Walmart? We don't know, Erica; was it the one branch or all of them?

Bryan lets us in on his posh studio in his second home in Northern Kentucky. Not all of us are as affluent as he, but at least he lets us hang out with him.

Bryan is concerned about the soul of a teenager who was killed while in a joyride of a stolen car. This launches the fearless trio into a conversation about eternal security. What a great one!


Happy Meals for adults...with toys. You heard that right; Aaron, Bryan, and Erica are a bit creeped out over this, though it does make them think about their childhood.

Aaron tells about his first experience with expensive bourbon, and how a New Yorker freaked out.

In the BAD THEOLOGY segment, they discuss a CNN article that details "Rapture Anxiety." Oh, it's fun.

All this plus several SoundOff's from listeners dying to take part in the show.