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Edible Insects with Bill Broadbent

Bill Broadbent from Entosense joins the show to discuss the health benefits of bugs. How does one begin to think about this? Bill's always enjoyed the outdoors and had a desire to take care of the environment, which impacted his son. It was through a research paper that showed how the meat industry was not only damaging to our health, but unsustainable and environmentally destructive. Insects can be grown in multiple environments and emit very little green house gases.

Although many may get the creeps from even considering this, Bill asserts that much of the modern world still has a steady diet of insects. It's only here in the West, because of European influence in the New World, our diets became mainly meat. Bill tells us that bugs contain more key proteins than our regular diets. Chefs in high-end restaurants use insects in their meals, and anyone can learn to cook with them.


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