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Fast Track to Healthy Living with Susan Smith Jones

Tonight, Susan Smith Jones, PhD. joins The Breakdown to talk about Healthy Living and Weight Loss with a holistice approach. She and Aaron have a great conversation about balancing life, nutrition, and focusing on health more than shedding pounds.

As a Behavioral & Transformational Specialist and Holistic Health Expert, Dr. Susan helps people lose weight and get fit, heal their bodies, create success, and live their dreams. And as a much sought-after motivational speaker, wellness consultant, talk show guest, and holistic lifestyle coach extraordinaire, Susan travels throughout the U.S. and internationally working with Fortune 500 companies; community, spiritual, and women’s groups; corporations and businesses; and with families and special individual clients. Susan shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to live successfully and create your best life in body, mind, and spirit. A guest on 3,000+ radio and TV shows, Susan always motivates and inspires the audiences. She’s also written over 2,500 articles published in magazines and journals worldwide on all aspects of holistic health. Susan is the author of several popular audio programs (available in the STORE) and 33 books. Her books and audio programs have a worldwide following.

Susan's website is https://susansmithjones.com/
Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SusanSmithJones

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