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Liberals Are Learning

Are liberals beginning to recognize obvious truths? Let's break it down.

It seems that enlightenment has hit the young liberals in the form of a relationship renaissance. In a recent article on Vice entitled, "Radical Monogamy?" Nick Levine brings into focus something entirely new and novel - having one intimate and sexual partner for life. That's right - the folks over at Vice have discovered a way to develop long-lasting and deeply emotional relationships through commitment and self-sacrifice. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

The only thing radical about monogamy is that cultures around the world have increasingly made it odd and promiscuity the norm. Generations have been raised to believe that love expressed exclusively in a committed relationship called marriage is restrictive, boring, and too traditional.

Regardless of which adjective you use, this is simply an attempt to acknowledge the necessity of monogamy, but not base it upon the word of God. They confess that this is not a conclusion reached based upon heteronormativity, but after they have experienced the draining, difficult life of engaging in unadulterated sex with any and everyone they wish.

It's encouraging to see them finally acknowledging something God has said since, like, the dawn of time. Eventually, the cultural liberals will arrive full-circle and embrace well-known truths like:
1. The sky appears blur
2. There is no Santa Claus
3. And Trix really are for kids. And Bill Clinton.

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