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Mark Sargent and the Flat Earth

Are we in a closed system on a flat plane created by God? Or are we spinning, seemingly uncontrollably, through the universe at ridiculous speeds?

The Breakdown: Paranormal Files continues asking the questions that get you kicked out of Bible study and sent to therapy. Tonight, Mark Sargent joins us to give an introduction of the Flat Earth Theory to those who may not be familiar with what it teaches.

However, even if you’ve been in the movement for some time, Mark has great information that will help you continue the search for truth.

Aaron and Mark discuss the one thing that Mark can’t seem to shake that leads him to his conclusions. They also discuss biblical cosmology, the Van Allen radiation belt, the moon landing, what the moon is and how high the firmament may be. This will be a conversation starter that you can use when trying to get friends and family members in on the discussion.

Growing up on South Whidbey Island, Washington, Mark Sargent started his career playing computer games professionally in Boulder Colorado. From there he spent the next 20 years training people in proprietary software. In 2014, he looked into what is no doubt the strangest conspiracy ever, called "Flat Earth Theory", and through extensive research, discovered that it wasn't so laughable after all.

In 2015, he released a series of YouTube videos titled "Flat Earth Clues", which delves into the possibility of our human civilization actually being inside a "Truman show" like enclosed system, and how it's been hidden from the public since 1956. You can find Mark's content on YouTube, in books on Amazon and in the Netflix documentary Behind The Curve.

Mark Sargent YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5IsLBMjhtI&list=PLltxIX4B8_URNUzDE2sXctnUAEXgEDDGn

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