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Pregnant People?

Dude - are you pregnant or just happy to see me? Let’s break it down.

Even though biological males lack a uterus or female reproductive parts, British government doctors must adhere to legislation requiring them to ask any individual under 60 if they are pregnant before they get an MRI. It’s feared that radiotherapy can be harmful for an unborn child...gestating inside a dude.

Of course, this is incredibly offensive. Most of us have put on more than our fair share of COVID weight, so being asked if we’re with child only exacerbates our negative self-image.

Were these legislators exposed to unhealthy levels of radiotherapy? Interestingly, the canard of the world has been “trust the science”! Yet when empirical evidence is presented and biological sex is proven, feelings are trusted more than truth. When the TSA is better at groping and determining the sex of a person than doctors are, you know we live in a clown world.

What's next? Tampon dispensers in men's restrooms? Midol given to dudes after a hard day’s work? Women turning their heads to cough during physicals? Men barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making sandwiches?

Would you trust a physician who can’t even tell what your sex is? If I’m at the doctors, and he asks me to hold my testicles so he can insert the speculum, to get a better look at my cervix, it may be a sign that I need a new doctor.