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The Media Admits They Are Fake News

Is the media finally acknowledging their complicity in the spread of misinfo? Let’s break it down.

A recent op Ed piece in the Washington Post has admitted their puzzlement regarding the “missed opportunity” of investigating the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

The piece written by the editorial board thinks out loud about why the laptop wasn’t fully researched or exposed when it hit the newsfeed in the fall of 2020.

Of course this isn’t a time for us to be Pollyanna believing that WaPo is now a bastion of truth. In fact, it’s the opposite. In the piece we see that only now, after the New York Times and they themselves have verified a story, can we truly believe it. Here is the establishments mouthpiece caught in circular reasoning: they publish factual information because factual information is all they publish.

Don’t be mistaken - This isn’t a piece apologizing for their error - it’s a piece admitting that they suppressed a negative story about their preferred candidate because they didn’t want to damage an already fledging campaign.

After all, there no need to publish a negative story about a presidential candidates child. Especially if there are implications of foreign interference in elections or collusion with corrupt countries.
As a show of repentance, the Washington Post will now begin to report on info they have overlooked and not accurately reported before:
- A massive meteor has hit the earth, killing most of the dinosaurs
- We landed on the moon!
- Jimmy Boyd’s momma wasn’t having an affair when she was making out with Santa Claus
- You can’t change your biological sex just because you feel like it

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