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What's the Scuttlebutt? Part 2

We're not really sure what the "scuttlebutt" is either, but we're dealing plenty of it today.

First, we dig deep into the chumbuckett and pull out a video of Alex Rosen being attacked at
"a vaccine symposium at Rice University for calling out Pfizer corruption," he says.

Cracker Barrell is attacked for introducing "impossible sausage." Folks are accusing them of going woke and walking away from the Barrell. What is wrong with people? What is wrong with vegan sausage? Well, besides the oxymoronic name.

Aaron reveals the condition he has, called "tsundoku." Actors are getting angry about being misrepresented.

Bad Theology is a weird one today. We also run down the Top Three Things You Should Know, introduce a new segment from Erica called "What I Learned On TikTok This Week," and bring back Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

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