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December 10, 2022
We Identify as Non-Bidenary

The Grinch is stealing XXX-mas - and making people laugh! A TikTok account has posted some racy Grinch videos that have people clamoring for more. Dancing with pasties and doing donning some sexy negligey, this Grinch is making hearts flutter while...

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The Grinch is stealing XXX-mas - and making people laugh! A TikTok account has posted some racy Grinch videos that have people clamoring for more. Dancing with pasties and doing donning some sexy négligée, this Grinch is making hearts flutter while they grow several sizes!

Show me on this doll where the TSA touched you. Aaron recounts his unpleasant experience with the TSA during his travel. They, suspecting his daughter was a terrorist, threw away her aloe vera gel and some facial scrub. This upset her and, of course, Aaron since he already has a deep dislike for anything they do. But it only gets worse. Now, the TSA is going to use facial recognition to make travel easy and more efficient.


"They", meaning the government, make it difficult and annoying to travel, but then they make it easier. We become accustomed to the degradation and will freely give up rights for convenience.

However, some students in China have created a magic coat to make you invisible to AI technology, so you can walk freely without being seen.


Whilst everyone is up in arms about TikTok, The Breakdown Crew asks how it is different from the TSA or governments using your social media to track, trace, and surveil you.

Bryan brings up the dangers of deep-fakes and the movement of society towards a dystopian Minority Report-type future where you can be guilty of a crime without having committed it - even with video evidence. This spins into a conversation about biometrics taking away personal identities. Regardless of your eschatological beliefs, the world is speeding towards a global currency, global government, and global religion.

The Breakdown has now moved to identifying as "Non-Bidenary" program. Like Sam Brinton. He's been charged with yet another felony due to his fetish for stealing other people's luggage. Erica asks how this thief can be in charge of disposing of nuclear waste. Aaron wonders how the culture of mental illness can allow a person to hold such an important position and live within a make-believe world. The crew also questions his taste - why would you steal a Vera Bradley bag?

Do you order copious amounts of products from Amazon? Now, the global shipping giant wants to make it easy for you to tip those drivers during the busy season. Aaron wonders out loud - because this is radio - if tipping some employees is getting out of control.


How do you feel about the Brittney Griner trade for the Merchant of Death? The Biden administration needs to take some tips on how to negotiate.

What is wrong with kids these days? One sheriff in Florida is moving forward with a plan to implement more severe discipline for children. Maybe it's time to take your kids out of public school. Aaron wouldn't want any other adult laying their hands on his kids. He and Erica think it falls on the parents, not on school officials. It seems the public wants to push more responsibility on others to raise their kids rather than doing the hard work of parenting.

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